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The LED is Ubiquitous — But Its Home Is Illinois

Illinois Alumni magazine September 2012

From headlights and traffic lights to DVD players, advanced medical equipment, and billboards, the light from LEDs is all around you. Nick Holonyak Jr.

Thinking About Consumers:

BioEnergy Connection July 2012

The reasons to reduce oil consumption, from climate change and national security, have existed for 30 years. And yet, in all that time Americans have neither substantially reduced the amount consumed nor meaningfully shifted to alternative fuels.  Why is that? asks law professor Joshua Fershee, who teaches courses in energy law and public policy at the University of North Dakota

Catching Tigers:

NCTE Council Chronicle March 2012

What are your options if you feel that your writing instruction is not engaging students at a deep enough level?

Like Water for Dancers

Illinois Alumni June 2011

For Jennifer Monson, the whole world is her classroom, from bird migration patterns that tie the corners of the world together to vast underground aquifers of burbling waters.

Unsilent Night

Illinois Alumni magazine December 2010

Want to be serenaded with “I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas” at 2 a.m.? No problem. “Come All Ye Faithful” … in Latin? Coming right up. It’s all in a day and night’s work for Snyder Hall’s Dial-A-Carol volunteers, who satisfy callers’ desires for Christmas carols, common and obscure, for one week every year.

Physician, Educate Thyself

Illinois Alumni June 2010

The bioengineer wants to develop a cure for blistering skin disease, and the neuroscience student believes her understanding of how zebra finches learn songs could help combat degenerative neurological ailments. The biochemist dreams of applying her knowledge of the molecular foundation of the immune system to help fight infectious disease. The philosopher hopes to play an important role in teaching medical ethics and even guiding policy.

Regenerative Biology

Institute for Genomic Biology, University of Illinois


Regenerative medicine in the 1990s promised simple and dramatic cures, but these cures remain the stuff of fiction.

Teacher Advocacy: Teachers Speaking Up

NCTE Council Chronicle January 2010

Teachers don’t typically enter their profession for political reasons — such as education their political representatives on literacy issues or influencing national policy. Nevertheless, numerous teachers accomplish these very aims every April as part of NCTE’s Literacy Education Advocacy Day (

Education for Every Generation

Biomarker December 2009

IGB faculty members are not only advancing life sciences research and stimulating bio-economic development in the state of Illinois, they also are advancing and stimulating the minds of area residents age 50 and over, as part of the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI).

OLLI is a national program with institutes in every state. The University of Illinois program was established three years ago and now has more than 500 members.

Regenerative Biology

Biomarker December 2009

Regenerative medicine in the 1990s promised simple and dramatic cures, but these cures remain the stuff of fiction.

Over the last 15 years researchers and clinicians alike have begun to realize that, while the promise of regenerative medicine remains, the challenges are far more daunting than they originally imagined. Remember when all of Harry Potter’s arm bones were re-grown by drinking a potion? That is not going to be happening in our world any time soon.


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